The 8th Issue of Biofuel Research Journal released!


The 8th Issue of Biofuel Research Journal Released! 

With a unique publication policy of Completely Free-of-Charge and Open Access at No-Charge, Biofuel Research Journal is now indexed by Thomson Reuters Web of Science: Emerging Sources Citation Index, CrossRefDOAJ, and CAS Databases (Chemical Abstracts).

The strong and unique Editorial Board of BRJ includes Editor-in-Chiefs (EICs) and Editors of many prestigious high impact-factored journals in the field such as Biorsource Technology (EIC & Associate Editor), Water Research (EIC), Biotechnology Advances (Editor), Applied Energy (Editor), Desalination (EIC), Proteomics (Editor), Journal of Biomass to Biofuel (EIC), International Journal of Hydrogen Energy (Editor), Nature Scientific Reports (Editor),  BioResources (EIC), Energy & Environmental Science (Advisory Board), Journal of Membrane Science (Advisory Board), Chemical Engineering Science (Editor), Catalysis Today (Advisory Board), ACS Catalysis (Advisory Board), etc.

The Editorial of the current Issue (Issue 8, 1st December 2015) entitled “Lignin as a value-added byproduct to improve the economics of bioethanol?” (DOI: 10.18331/BRJ2015.2.4.2) has been authored by BRJ`s Editorial Board Member; Professor Martin A. Hubbe (North Carolina State University, USA).

Professor Martin A. Hubbe`s research on Lignocellulosic colloidal chemistry is internationally recognized. He is a Buckman Distinguished Scientist and has consulted with around 25 related industries in the field. He is the founding Editor-in-Chief of the online peer-reviewed journal BioResources, devoted to the science of lignocellulosic materials, chemicals, and applications.

As a senior in the field of pulp and paper with over 30 years of experience, Professor Martin A. Hubbe has challenged the concept based on which lignin is considered as a value-added byproduct to improve the economics of ethanol production from lignocelluloses. This must-read Editorial scrutinizes the various applications of lignin and addresses the different view points circulating around during the last decade.

The new issue also includes a comprehensive review article as well as quality original research articles.

All articles published in the journal are freely available and are published completely free-of-charge.

We look forward to welcoming you as an author.



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