The 9th Issue of Biofuel Research Journal released!


The 9th Issue of Biofuel Research Journal Released! 

With a unique publication policy of Completely Free-of-Charge and Open Access at No-Charge, Biofuel Research Journal is now indexed by Thomson Reuters Web of Science: Emerging Sources Citation Index, CrossRefDOAJ, and CAS Databases (Chemical Abstracts).

The strong and unique Editorial Board of BRJ includes Editor-in-Chiefs (EICs) and Editors of many prestigious high impact-factored journals in the field such as Biorsource Technology (EIC & Associate Editor), Water Research (EIC), Biotechnology Advances (Editor), Applied Energy (Editor), Desalination (EIC), Proteomics (Editor), Journal of Biomass to Biofuel (EIC), International Journal of Hydrogen Energy (Editor), Nature Scientific Reports (Editor),  BioResources (EIC), Energy & Environmental Science (Advisory Board), Journal of Membrane Science (Advisory Board), Chemical Engineering Science (Editor), Catalysis Today (Advisory Board), ACS Catalysis (Advisory Board), etc.

The Editorial of the current Issue (Issue 9, 1st March 2016) entitled “A close look at the developments and impact of biofuels in transport and environment; what are the next steps?” (DOI: 10.18331/BRJ2016.3.1.2) has been authored by BRJ`s Editorial Board Member; Professor Solange I. Mussatto (Delf University of Technology, The Netherlands).

Professor Solange I. Mussatto’s research at Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands) on the development of biorefinery strategies for total and sustainable conversion of biomass (lignocellulosic materials, macroalgae, and plants) into biobased products is internationally recognized. Dr. Mussatto’s scientific interests include: i) use of chemical, physico-chemical and biological methods for biomass pretreatment and hydrolysis; ii) biomass conversion by fermentation or chemical routes into compounds of interest including fuels, chemicals, bioactive compounds, materials and enzymes; and iii) techno-economic evaluation of the processes for the development of a competitive and sustainable biobased economy.

Dr. Mussatto is an outstanding young scientist with more than 120 full papers published in high quality peer-reviewed journals, 1 book, 13 book chapters, 3 patents, and more than 230 papers in scientific conferences. Her published works have received more than 4700 citations. Dr. Mussatto holds an h-index of 36 (as of 1 March 2016; Source, Google Scholar).

The new issue also includes two informative Review Articles as well as quality Original Research Articles.

All articles published in the journal are freely available and are published completely free-of-charge.

We look forward to welcoming you as an author.



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