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BRTeam Members` Recent Achievements

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Last Updated on Friday, 24 October 2014 14:56 Written by Administrator Tuesday, 13 May 2014 21:01

BRTeam Biological Engineering Group`s Principal Research Member; Assist. Prof. Dr. Pezhman Azadi, has been appointed as the Director General of the Ornamental Plants Research Institute of Iran.


BRTeam Leader; Assist. Prof. Dr. Meisam Tabatabaei has been appointed as the Head of ISO Liquid Biofuels Committee of Iran (ISO/TC28/SC7).


Congratulations on your well-deserved appointments Dr. Azadi and Dr. Tabatabaei.





BRTeam Biological Engineering Group`s Principal Research Member; Dr. Ahmad Farhad Talebi successfully passed his PhD viva and became the first BRTeam Alumnus in 2014.

Farhad is an outstanding member of Biological Engineering Group headed by Assist. Prof. Hamid Rajabi Memari and was supervised during his PhD program by Assoc. Prof. Masoud Tohidfar and Assist. Prof. Dr. Meisam Tabatabaei. He has managed to publish 3 quality papers so far, and has 3 more papers submitted or in preparation. Dr. Farhad had a significant contribution to the success of the BiodieselAnalyzer© released in January 2014 as well.

Congratulations on your well-deserved achievement, Dr. Talebi!


First articles now live and freely available to read

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Last Updated on Friday, 14 March 2014 22:12 Written by Administrator Friday, 14 March 2014 20:01

Biofuel Research Journal
First articles now live and freely available to read

>> View articles here


The first articles of the Biofuel Research Journal (BRJ) are now live and freely available.

A new online journal, BRJ is for scientists committed to advancing research in biofuel by bridging various related strong fields: biodiesel, bioethanol, biobuthanol, biogas, biomass, algae, bioreactions, bioreactors, membrane-bioreactors, fermentation, biorefinery (e.g. membrane separation technology), bioprocess, applied microbiology, combustion, and bioresource technologies associated with conversion or production of biofuel. Moreover, novel and integrated biofuel processing and hybrid systems as well as energy audit for biofuel production plants are of interest. The journal also seeks to publish articles with a focus on promotion of biofuel applications in the developing world for indigenous development.

The Editor-in-Chief; Meisam Tabatabaei, and International Advisory Board Members; Yusuf Chisti, Ahmad Fauzi Ismail, Seeram Ramakrishna welcome submissions that will engage worldwide discourse and ignite the interest of academics to explore new ways of keeping our world clean and healthy for future generations through the application of biofuel. The Aims & Scope and Guide for Authors can be found on the journal's homepage at:

Papers published in Biofuel Research Journal are published at no processing charge and are freely available online. BRJ has already been entered into evaluation by Thomson Reuters.

We look forward to welcoming you as an author and a reader.



Biofuel Research Team (BRTeam)














Professor Yusuf Chisti; speaker of The 4th Internationa Conference on Algal Biomass, Biofuels and Bioproducts

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Last Updated on Friday, 07 February 2014 22:22 Written by Administrator Friday, 07 February 2014 21:39

We are pleased to announce that Professor Yusuf Chisti; International Advisory Board Member of Biofuel Research Journal (BRJ), is among the speakers of The 4th International Conference on Algal Biomass, Biofuels and Bioproducts.


Yusuf Chisti

Yusuf Chisti is Professor of Biochemical Engineering at Massey University, New Zealand. Professor Chisti holds MSc and PhD degrees from University of London, England, and University of Waterloo, Canada, respectively. He received an honorary doctorate from Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iasi, Romania, in recognition of his many contributions to chemical and biochemical engineering. Professor Chisti’s research focuses on sustainable production of chemicals, materials and fuels. He has produced nearly 300 publications. He is a senior editor of Biofuels and contributes on editorial boards of seven other journals. Chisti is a Chartered Engineer and Fellow of the Institution of Chemical Engineers, UK.



The 4th International Conference on Algal Biomass, Biofuels and Bioproducts provides direct interaction for attending delegates, with scientific and technical leaders in this field. Emphasis will be placed on the latest unpublished technical and scientific results, along with discussion and direct interactions with strategic partners and leaders in the field. The conference is designed to facilitate extended discussion periods, dedicated networking sessions, and exciting technical presentations.

The conference will cover all areas of emerging technologies in algal biology, biomass production, cultivation, harvesting, extraction, bioproducts, and econometrics.


BiodieselAnalyzer Ver. 1.1. was released!

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Last Updated on Sunday, 12 January 2014 23:53 Written by Administrator Sunday, 12 January 2014 23:21

Welcome to BiodieselAnalyzer© Version 1.1 Download Page (Released January 13, 2014)


BiodieselAnalyzer is an analytical software designed to predict biodiesel fuel properties (bioprospecting of FAME profile) based on fatty acid profile of any oil feedstock determined by gas-chromatography (GC). Bioprospecting could cover a wide range of biodiesel properties leading to an insight into the quality of the produced product and would eliminate the need for lengthy and costly production and analysis steps. BiodieselAnalyzer consists of a series of pages describing your biodiesel properties. You can enter the GC data (percentage of existing fatty acids in an oil sample), navigating to each page by clicking the tabs located across the top of BiodieselAnalyzer main screen.

BiodieselAnalyzer contains the following tabs: Unsaturation Level (including Saturated and Unsaturated Fatty Acids, Degree of Unsaturation), Cetane Number, Cold Flow Properties (including Cloud Point and  Cold Filter Plugging Point), Oxidation Stability (including Allylic and Bis-Allylic Position Equivalents and Oxidation Stability), Higher Heating Value, Kinematic Viscosity and Density. (Pleasure ensure that Microsoft .NET Framework 4 is already installed on your computer). 

BiodieselAnalyzer© Version 1.1 was released on January 13, 2014.

"Download here"


Happy New Year 2014 (The Best of 2013)

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Last Updated on Thursday, 02 January 2014 22:21 Written by Administrator Thursday, 02 January 2014 12:05


(the Happy New Year 2014 card posted above was sent to all SGP associates by SGP/GEF Office of the United Nation Development Programme (UNDP))

"The minibus shown in the card was the First Ever Public Vehicle Driven on WCO-derived Biodiesel in Iran"


The year 2013 was a very successful year for Biofuel Research Team (BRTeam) and its extension branch; Extension Group of Environmentalists (EGE). A summarized list of the highlights of the year 2013 includes:

Design and fabrication of BD-Pro 50L™ (a fully-automated Biodiesel Processor) by BRTeam`s Bio/reactor Technology Group. BD-Pro 50L is an EGE/SGP patented technology.

Attachment of the Microbial Products Research and Technology Center of Tehran University to BRTeam through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed by BRTeam Leader; Dr. Meisam Tabatabaei and Center`s Vice President for Research; Dr. Javad Hamedi, on 14th February 2013 (26th Bahman 1391).

The big BRTeam Meeting (Spring- Summer 2013) was held on 8 May 2013 (18 Ordobehesht 1392) at ABRII Amphitheater.

The Biodiesel Production Training Site located at the Research, Technology and Microbial Products Center of Tehran University was inaugurated by Mrs. Laleh Daraei, UNDP/GEF/SGP manager, on 12 June 2013. The training site is being operated by BRTeam`s Extension Branch; Extension Group of Environmentalists (EGE).

Active participation of BRTeam and its extension branch; EGE, in the 8th National Biotechnology and 4th National Biosafety Conferences of I.R. Iran held from 6 to 8 July 2013 (15-17 Tir 1392), at the Convention Center of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences, University of Tehran. The event was attended by about 1500 scholars, researchers and students in the field of biotechnology and was directed by BRTeam Media and Graphics Group. BRTeam/EGE booth organized by BRTeam`s Internal Affairs Manager; Eng. Nazanin Saberi welcomed a great number of participants and received a huge deal of attention during the 3 day event. It was also a privilege that Mrs. Lale Daraei; SGP/GEF/UNDP Coordinator in Iran and delegate also payed a visit to the BRTeam/EGE booth. Moreover, around 100 individuals were trained in the SGP/GEF/UNDP sponsored workshop “Management of Waste Cooking Oil for Biodiesel Production” held on 6th July 2013.

Organizing a hands-on workshop entitled “Management of Waste Cooking Oil and Biodiesel Production” on 22nd and 23rd October 2013 at the venue of Alameh Heli 2 High School, in collaboration with SGP/GEF/UNDP, Talented Students Organization of Iran (SAMPAD), and the Media Sponsor of BRTeam/EGE, Danesh National Radio Channel.

Implementation of BRTeam`s Continuous Improvement Strategy (Improvement of BRTeam`s Fuel & Combustion Research Group currently being led by Dr. Ehsan Alborzi (University of Sheffield, UK), Biodiesel Research Group currently being led by Prof. Dr. Ghasem Najafpour (Babol Noshirvani University, IR)).

Inauguration of BRTeam`s Biological Engineering Research Group currently being led by Dr. Hamid Memari

(Synthetic Biology Sub-group being led by Dr. Hamid Memari, Microbiology for Biofuel Sub-group being led by Dr. Javad hamedi & Energy Crops Genetic Engineering Sub-group being led by Dr. Masoud Tohidfar).

The big BRTeam Meeting (Autumn- Winter 2013-2014) was held on 21st December 2013 (30 Azar 1392) at College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (Karaj Pardis). Apart from many interesting programs, presentations and invited talks organized during the meeting, EGE`s new animation and 30 min-documentary produced in collaboration with SPG/GEF/UNDP and Danesh (Science) National Radio Channel was inaugurated and was broadcast for the first time. Both the animation and the documentary have been scheduled to be broadcast on National T.V. channels soon.

Inauguration of BRTeam Navigating Council (consisting of 3 Legal Persons including BRTeam Leader; Dr. Meisam Tabatabaei, BRTeam Research Manager; Dr. Mehrshad Zeinolabedini, BRTeam Intl. & Public Relations Officer; Dr. Mahdi Arjmand, and 4 Natural Persons including Prof. Marc Gregorian, Dr. Alireza Hamzeloo and 2 more). The Council Secretariat (non-voting member) is currently Dr. Mohammad Saleh Labafzadeh (Sharif University)) and BRTeam Finance & Admin. Manager; Eng. Mehrdad Mirzajanzadeh is also an Observing (non-voting) Member of the council). 

Inauguration of BRTeam Research Service Company (WeWrite Co.)

Inauguration of Biofuel Research Journal (BRJ)

Inauguration of BRTeam`s Solar-Assisted Technologies Research Group being led by Eng. Javad Sheikjoleslami.

Inauguration of BRTeam`s Biogas Research Group (Iran Branch), being led by Eng. Javad Sheikjoleslami.

Inauguration of BRTeam`s Biomemetics Research Group being led by Prof. Marc Geregorian.

Signing an MOU between BRTeam & Industrial Biotechnology Center (Isfahan University of Technology).

Numerous achievements by BRTeam members such as (just selected items, the full list is much longer):

- A considerable number of publications in highly impact-factored journals e.g. Bioresource Technology (5-Year Impact Factor: 5.352), Desalination (5-Year Impact Factor: 3.04), Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews (5-Year Impact Factor: 6.619) and many more.

- Numerous publications in highly prestigious international conferences.

- Promotion of BRTeam`s Nano/catalysts Group Leader; Dr. Alimorad Rashidi,  BRTeam`s Membrane Separation Technology (MST) Group Leader; Dr. Ali Kargari, BRTeam`s Energy Crops Genetic Engineering Sub-Group Leader; Dr. Masoud Tohidfar, BRTeam`s Bioethanol Group Leader; Dr. Gholamreza Salehi, BRTeam`s Membrane Separation Technology (MST) Principal Research Member; Dr. Yaghoub Mansourpanah to Associate Professor.

- BRTeam`s Bio/reactor Principal Research Member; Eng. Mehdi Khatamifari was awarded the First Place Prize for Outstanding Researcher of Ministry of Energy (MOE) of Iran.

- BRTeam`s Membrane Separation Technology (MST) Group Leader; Dr. Ali Kargari, was appointed as an editorial board member of Desalination and Water Treatment Journal published by Taylor & Francis.

- BRTeam`s Membrane Separation Technology (MST) Principal Research Member; and International Advisory Board Member of Biofuel Research Journal (BRJ), Prof. Dr. Ahmad Fauzi Ismail, was awarded the prestigious; "National Academic Personality Award" in the Product Innovation and Commercialization category, by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education of Malaysia in the National Awards Ceremony held in Putrajaya on 20 August 2013. He took home a cash prize of USD17,000.


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